Innate Human Competitiveness Good - Blood Thirsty War Or Sanctioned Murder Bad!

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Humans have an innate competitive spirit, and it is quite evident in the activities we observe them engaging in. Competitiveness is a good thing, it helps the entire species better themselves. Many say competition is bad, but that is not really so. If you ask them for examples of when competitive is bad, they usually say something like; war. Yes, war can be a horrific thing, no doubt about it.

Not long ago, I had this conversation with an acquaintance and stated that human competitive nature was a good thing, and he responded right on queue; "I'm pretty sure you're talking about competitive nature rather than its perversion into blood lust or the sanctioned murder of war."

Sure, he makes a decent point, that is to say for you and I, but humans per se? I am not so sure, as we have many "warrior cultures" still around the globe, and they think differently about these things. And you cannot negate their "thirst for blood" in the name of their god, gods, heritage, or other.

We must remember they are humans, and although humans are "mostly harmless" we still see the reality often enough, no matter how hard we try to sweep it under the carpet. We shouldn't forget that, and duly protect ourselves, families, country.

Human Behavior gets extremely problematic as they get into larger groups. Beware the mass mobs! It's amazing what people are capable of in groups; LA Riots, New Orleans pilferage, Hezbollah yellow flag get togethers; the French Revolution, etc, etc. Beware.

I'd recommend reading; "The Theory and Practice of Hell" and then once you read it, burn it. But we must never kid ourselves with regards to good competitive spirit and the darker side of humanity. Nor should we pretend that the first automatically causes the other, it simply isn't so.

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Innate Human Competitiveness Good - Blood Thirsty War Or Sanctioned Murder Bad!

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This article was published on 2010/03/31